ONPASSIVE Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Earning Online With ONPASSIVE

An ONPASSIVE Digital Nomad Lifestyle means you’ll be earning online with ONPASSIVE anywhere and anytime. Enjoy a totally automated passive income system that works for you 24/7.

Welcome to..

Earning online With ONPASSIVE

Hi guys, my name is Darrell. I’m going to share with you how to get started earning online with ONPASSIVE. It’s all very simple. Bear in mind this is an enormous project built to last and serve everyone long term. As such, it will take a little time to wrap your head around it.

‘If you are in, you will win!’ – Ash Mufareh, ONPASSIVE CEO.

All you have to do is read below and follow a few basic steps. Are you up for it?


ONPASSIVE offers us all massive value

ONPASSIVE offers value like nothing I have ever seen before in my 20+ years working online. I’m not talking big, I mean absolutely massive value! Once you understand fully what I share with you here, you’ll be just as amazed as I am.

I had been looking forever for a way to live a digital nomad lifestyle. This is where you just need a laptop (or computer) and internet and you are set. You can earn online when and where you want. With ONPASSIVE, I saw it ticks all the boxes in every way possible.

And this is what I want to share with you.

You’ll learn about these benefits..

* Access to massive value – 50+ online tool and services (huge cost savings)
* Unlimited passive income from multiple income streams
* You’ll only pay twice out of pocket (around 350 USD total)
* It’s self funding – the monthly subscription is paid automatically out of profits
* How you can work less but earn more
* How it can help you build any current business
* It can be completely passive – you do as much or as little as you like
* No requirements or autoships
* It is available worldwide to anyone old enough to have a business in their country

Who am I and my goal to help others

My name is Darrell Cridland and I’m a New Zealander currently living in Vietnam with my wife. I teach conversational english part time and work online the rest of the time. Over the years I have had a little success online which has supported me in being able to travel abroad.

Travel has been a longterm passion of mine. Because of this, I have always been searchiing for a solid, reliable and ethical online business. I’ve been in my fair share of poorly managed, just too hard or problematic businesses. Some were where things got to hard for the managers so they just ran off with the money. But I never gave up.

I have spent literally thousands online pursuing this goal but still kept going to this point. I knew if I kept on trying, chances are I would find what I was looking for. ONPASSIVE was exactly what I was looking for AND so much more. I know it is where I will have success and finally, I can bring in others with me, so they can have it too!

Learning everythng I can about it

I have now been a member in ONPASSIVE for a little over a year. I have researched this thoroughly and learned all I could about it in that time. I try to attend as many corporate webinars as I can (even though they are on at 2-3 am local time). After a few months I knew this was the real deal but still I kept learning before I shared with others.

Because of past experiences, I was wanting to be sure about this before telling anyone. I have always wanted to find something suitable to share and help others benefit too. Plus I also know the power of leverage so building even a small team makes sense. You do not have to ‘recruit’ in ONPASSIVE as the automated system will do it all for you. But if you do bring in friends etc, this will help things happen faster for you. Besides, who doesn’t want to help friends and family do well too, right?

Why should I share ONPASSIVE with others?

Now those who know me fairly well know I’m not into hype or BS and like to call things as I see them. So at this point, I want to be clear that I’m not trying to convince or sell you on anything here.

I know I will have success here regardless. I just have to share this, Otherwise I know people will later say to me’ why didn’t you tell me about this?’

I have built up my website and Youtube channel with content to help you quickly learn about this. You can study all the information and make your own decision whether it’s for you or not. I have my links on my pages but you can use any links you like.

See the vision of Ash Mufareh and get in!

If you see what I see in ONPASSIVE, you just need to get in! That’s what is most important. Remember, I will do well from the company AI building my business for me regardless. However, if you do join with me, I will help you in anyway I can to learn as much as you can and get the most out of this wonderful opportunity.

Take your time to go through the information presented here thoroughly. I can promise you it will be worth your while. It has the potential to benefit you personally in multiple ways in the future.

Try seeing the big picture of what you have here

Can you imagine if you got in early with Amazon, Microsoft, Apple or Netflix? Where you would be today? These are Unicorn companies (worth more than a Billion dollars) generating huge amounts of profits every day.

To take it even a step further, what if they decided to share the majority of their profits with everyone within their workforce? How rich would those people be?

Well those companies certainly don’t like to give away the lion’s share of profits. That just hasn’t happened, that Is UNTIL NOW! Because this company is going to do exactly that! This is why there are over 778,000 founders strong already.

Learn all you can while there is still a short time to become a founder

So get involved, learn all you can about this. Read, watch some videos, jump on a live webinar (they’re on nearly every day somewhere in the world). When you are ready, come on in (just remember there is limited time left to join as a founder). It is very much a low risk, high reward thing. You can pay the $97 to sign up as a founder and you have a 30 day money back guarantee.

But I know you won’t want your money back especially as you will learn so much more inside. When you know what is coming, you’ll realize it’s going to shake everything up on the internet. EVERYONE will have a reason to use something from ONPASSIVE. It will go viral without a doubt and you want to be in when it does.

I have no doubt you will love living an ONPASSIVE digital nomad lifestyle just as much as I will. Just think, we’ll work where we want, where we want and as much as we want. This is what is coming for us founders!

Read on, learn more and I hope to see you inside! 🙂



ONPASSIVE provides you with a fully AI automated, 100% done-for-you business system.

Every possible tool or service you’ll need online, all in one place.

The AI will use many of the tools, build a marketing system, send traffic and get sales. Completely hands free.

You’ll only pay out of pocket twice ($97 for a founders position now and the rest at hard launch time to activate your account. Less than $350 USD).

No experience needed, no promoting (if you don’t wish to).

ONPASSIVE is huge!

While going through the information below, always try to keep in mind that ONPASSIVE is BIG! Bigger than you can imagine, as you’ll eventually find out. 50+ products and almost 3 years in development means it brings massive value to it’s members. This total online marketing and passive income ecosystem is going to give everyone a reason to join ONPASSIVE.

Ash Mufareh is the founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE. He is an innovative entrepreneur with a very big heart. His vision is to lift up humanity through the latest technological advancements in the field of AI. The entire eco-system of Onpassive is built in such a way so as to achieve this lofty goal.

He is based in the Onpassive office headquarters in Florida, USA.



Mr Ash Mufareh is the founder, CEO and visionary behind ONPASSIVE. He leads this ’ global online movement’ with a goal of introducing the latest AI technological advancements in the field. He is an innovative entrepreneur with past experience that has taught him to be a very creative forward thinker.

Ash holds a Master’s Degree in Information Technology and e-commerce from American InterContinental and Harvard University. He now has over two decades of experience in the hardcore marketing arena. From this, he has a complete understanding of the current online market trends.

Ash is also a family man, with a wife and two young sons. He very much is a family oriented man. He sees the founder members all as an extended type of family. It sounds cliche, but it really is like that as everyone tries and helps each other.

It is very much a collaborative rather than competitive focused group. It’s so refreshing to find an online environment like this with people working together instead of against each other. Remember, there are currently over 761,000 founder members today, so that’s saying something!

His desire is to lift up humanity, one person at a time. He has a saying ‘fill your bucket, then help others do the same’. A lot of the tremendous value that ONPASSIVE provides will enable us all to do exactly that!

Florida Office

This is the building where the headquarters office of ONPASSIVE is located. CEO Mr Ash Mufareh operates this global business from here.


ONPASSIVE Global Headquarters, Orlando Florida.

The building you see above if the main office and global headquarters for ONPASSIVE. It is where CEO Mister Ash Mufareh is located and runs all day to day operations from worldwide.

Often you will see Mr Mufareh on webinars while he is in his main office. Physically, it is listed as being at 9924 Universal Boulevard, Suite 224-320, Orlando FL 32819, United States.

Hyderabad Office

The Hyderabad office in Hi-Tech city has over 600 highly skilled staff. ONPASSIVE continually strives to upgrade it’s workforce.


Hyderabad Office 

ONPASSIVE opened its first major technical office in HITEC City, Hyderabad, India. This large campus will also serve as the head office for all Indian operations.

This facility currently has over 600 staff members and will soon become home for many more. Growth is expected to bring in more than 1,000 employees by the end of 2021.

ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Staff

‘The best of the best’. This is how CEO Ash Mufareh describes the people they are looking to add into the ONPASSIVE workforce.


ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Staff

The ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Staff are already over 600 strong and climbing. They are the best of the best, brightest young minds available in the technology market. They’ve been given specific goals to incubate, innovate, develop and launch AI-based technology products. These will provide total support for any size organization or individual that operates online.

They continually are building out a suite of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Technology products that are superior and affordable.

ONPASSIVE aims to satisfy and always tries to over deliver. You can see in the quality of the products how high the techies have set (or re-set) the bar.

In the near future, ONPASSIVE has plans to open other offices worldwide. But the Hyderabad office will always have a special level of importance to us all for what they have delivered. It is nothing short of outstanding and they all deserve a huge thank you from us all.

What Is Onpassive?

A Total Internet Solution (Tools, Traffic & Passive Income)

ONPASSIVE is a complete automated marketing system or platform if you like. It is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning . This Total Internet Solution provides every possible tool you could need to work online in an efficient way. All of this is accessible in one convenient place. Also, it is viable way to build wealth online through the unique way everything has been purposefully structured. The passive income model it has is unique and revolutionary as you will come to understand.

What kinds of tools does ONPASSIVE have?

You can think of ONPASSIVE as a one stop shop for every kind of the most useful online tools. These are all the latest, proprietary, cutting edge, feature rich tools built from the ground up.

If you need a domain, an autoresponder, video editor, funnel builder, video chat, webinar or VPN service, it’s here. Also an online marketplace, link shortener, email, accounting and HR services. Everything, all in one place, unlimited and for the lowest cost.

Some Of The ONPASSIVE Tool Portfolios

ONPASSIVE has 50+ Tools or Product Portfolios as they like to call them. Most of them are complete or very near to it. Currently 20 are listed on their website.

What If I Don’t Use Any Of The Tools?

If you don’t use any or many of the tools, no problem. ONPASSIVE can still provide every individual massive value that no other companay can. For example, you can still earn online regardless.

This is because many millions of people already pay considerable amounts every month for critical services they must have. Multiple of these products such as Autoresponders, email services, funnel builders or Zoom can really hit your wallet hard.

Customers Will Flock In Because OF The Benefits

What will happen when people realize ONPASSIVE has all of these superior, unlimited tools in one place? Not only could they save a lot of money, but they could also get paid for using them. Of course they are going to want to check ONPASSIVE out.

The Value In ONPASSIVE Products Is Unmatched Anywhere

The value offered here with all of the products portfolios (tools and services) has never been done before. It is massive and will be the central driving force creating the volume of new customers signing up. This volume is what will generate the passive residual income for the founder members and later on, the resellers.

How ONPASSIVE Works To Make Money Online

Limited Time Left To Join As A Founder

Join now as a founder for only $97 USD (plus $5 transaction fee for credit card). The founder position  will provide you with many longterm benefits.

We are in pre-launch now. During soft-launch for example, ONPASSIVE will be running traffic campaigns so founders may have their team grow.

Founder members also get early access to pre-release products and the private corporate webinars with CEO Ash Mufareh.


Access The Founders Backoffice

Once you are in, you have a lot to explore. Make sure your profile details are correct. Have a look through the Leadership council area and check out the upcoming webinars.

Remember, ONPASSIVE is BIG so you will want to learn all you can about how everything fits together.

As a founder you get early access to help test out the pre released tools and services they develop.

* You can choose to use these tools OR NOT. It’s up to you. *

NOW… while you are learning..


ONPASSIVE AI Builds You A Marketing System

Everything in ONPASSIVE is managed and run by their proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

When you have fully set up your account, the system goes to work for you. The AI takes some of the tools and builds you a complete marketing system. For example a domain name, web hosting, a funnel builder, capture page etc. It is all done with best SEO practises applied for optimum results.

All of this is completely automated so you don’t have to lift a finger. Of course, if you want to do some marketing yourself you can. It’s up to you.


Targeted Traffic Campaigns To Your Funnels

ONPASSIVE has a division dedicated to sending high quality targeted traffic. This is of course all managed by the AI to maximize results.

Getting good quality traffic to your sites or offer is imperative for success. It is the lifeblood of any online business yet it is very difficult to master.

ONPASSIVE has mastered this as seen in a test they did a while back. In that particular campaign they were able to get 1 million opt-ins (people who sign up) in four days. But at that time it wasn’t even using the AI!


As Sales Are Made, You Get Commissions

After the hard launch, the Artificial Intelligence will bring in customers for you. These customers who come into ONPASSIVE through the links on your funnels or websites are coded to you for life.

They will have to choose to be either a customer or a reseller of the IT products. A customer can use one or multiple products, whatever they like and pay for. A reseller can access all products for one out of pocket price and can earn passive income too!

You get paid a commission for all people coded to you, coming into your team. That means both customers and resellers.


Automated Team Growth

The ONPASSIVE AI will also build marketing systems for all those resellers coded to you. It will send the traffic, make the sales etc.

This duplication will grow your team faster over time and then of course your passive income. All of this is automated and seamless.

You can do as little or as much as you wish to in regard to building your income. But the key point here is important to grasp.

ONPASSIVE will build a complete automated business for you with passive income. PLUS they are going to give you TIME FREEDOM! Let that sink in. 🙂


ONPASSIVE Overview Presentation

ONPASSIVE Overview Presentation With Red Redfern

In this video presentation, Red Redfern from the UK gives a full overview on ONPASSIVE. He covers everything from the 50+ Tools Portfolios through to how we all will benefit. This will give you a good idea of the size of ONPASSIVE and what it offers us.

Join As An OnPassive GoFounder

Join Now

NOTE: If you were referred to this site by an existing Onpassive / GoFounder team member, you should ask them for their referral link to join under them.

5 Reasons To Get A Gofounders Position

ONE   Self Funding

As you come into Onpassive, you’ll pay once out of pocket to activate your account. You’ll get your three referrals and it will be free thereafter. They’ll come from the spillover from all of your upline, the companies massive marketing campaigns or from your own efforts in sharing if you want to (totally optional).

TWO   Force You To Be Successful

Onpassive will put volume under you quickly, and then under them too. The genius customer/product based structure of Onpassive will draw in massive volume to build all founders (and future customers) positions and add to their bottom lines.

THREE   Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic that is all done-for-you! 9 months ago they tested the traffic module and got over 1,000,000 optins in just 4 days. What is so remarkable is that it wasn’t using the AI the company has developed that will ensure even better results going forward.

FOUR   Customers

Customers will flock into Onpassive because of the 50 (more in the future) products on offer. They will be superior, cutting edge, have more features and cost a lot less than any competition. If customers upgrade to become a reseller, thay get full access to ALL products instead of one stand alone product. (Customers = Volume)

FIVE   Volume

As customers into Onpassive and use the tools, over time the cost will go down. Over time the cost will become zero and over time they will be paid to use the tools! This is unprecedented and will also drive massive volume into Onpassive below the founders.

ONPASSIVE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to make money online with Onpassive?

A common question the team leaders are asked is ‘how to make money online with Onpassive?’. To answer this, first you need to understand a little about who Onpassive is and how massive they are. Massive not in terms of just company size but more in regards to what products they have and what kind of presence they will command online.

Onpassive is a fairly new Information Technology (I.T.) company that have over the course of the last two and a half years developed over 50 proprietary cutting edge tools and services.

They have extensively analyzed the online market and have produced virtually every online tool you could possibly need to use and put them all in one convenient place.

They’ve developed the best possible feature rich, intuitive and easy to use versions compared to anything currently available in their respective niches.

You won’t find any specific information on any of these tools or services yet as those details are kept under wraps for now until launch so as to create a huge surprise and interest in the market that they can take full advantage of. Current founder members regularly get exclusive sneak peeks of these finished tools in the private founders webinars available in the Gofounders backoffice.

Onpassive has also solved a few of the big problems many people face with trying to make money online.

Most people cannot sell, can’t refer others successfully, and most cannot build a network which will help them see results. This is why so few find success making money on the internet.

Onpassive uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate everything, the tools, the services the marketing campaigns, the signup process etc. They force you to be successful by taking all the sticking points out of the equation. Automation is their strong point.

A quick overview of what you can expect from the variety of tools and services Onpassive will offer: Autoresponders, Rotators, Capture & Landing Pages, Marketing Campaigns, Contact Managers, Calendar, Webinar Service, O-Pal chat service, Capture for video graphics and audio, Flexible wallets for all banking, crypto and transfer needs, bulk emailers, contact managers, crypto leveraging, daily funnels, social platforms, web hosting, your own domain and website creators,
search engine optimization (SEO), humanitarian funds and crowdfunding, print shop, private inbox and so much more.

All of these have been developed as a stand alone business and they will all have massive marketing campaigns start when Onpassive launches.

As customers come in, they can start a free trial for seven days on many of the available products and they will have limited access to see all of the value they could have access to if they decide to join.

They can just choose to be a customer and pay regularly for their particular service or they can join Onpassive and unlock ALL of the products for a one time cost!

When customers come into Onpassive and pay, they are time stamped and go under the existing member structure and we all get paid as our downline teams grow each month.

Now just think about this for a moment. All of this value in one place and you can get it for one affordable price if you decide to. Whats going to happen? This is going to catch on like wildfire and will see the uptake on the products go viral!

All of these products put together in one place so conveniently and cost effectively has never been done before. This is something truly remarkable.

There are a number of videos on out team Youtube channel ‘Onpassive Earning Online‘ where Onpassive Nation team leader Mike Ellis explains in excellent detail how this all works.

I would highly recommend you take a look at some of them. This is the quickest way to understand better how to make money online with Onpassive for the many years to come.


Make money online with Onpassive

Can I make money online with Onpassive?

Can I make money online as a Gofounder?

Can a person create multiple Gofounder accounts?

A person may wish to create multiple gofounder accounts for different reasons. Perhaps they wish to secure an account for family members of friends.

You are able to do this, no problem. These accounts be created using the same name and mobile number, but each account will be required to have a unique e-mail address.

Remember that each account will have to be activated during the soft launch period. As part of the process, you will have to pay a once out of pocket fee (between $100 -$250, not decided yet) for each account. This goes towards funding the marketing campaigns that will build our teams for us.

The subsequent monthly fees are paid automatically by the system out of  the profit.


How many Onpassive accounts can I have?

Can I have more than one Onpassive account?

What Ways Can I Benefit Financially?

You can benefit directly from anyone placed beneath you in the company pay structure.

Onpassive’s automated marketing campaigns will place people under you.

You can get spillover (overflow) from multiple members above you.

You can refer people yourself if you choose to (entirely optional and no required).

There are also other ways to build income streams within the tools and services provided by Onpassive. Current Gofounders have seen these and what possibilities they will bring first hand in the webinars. This information is private and covered under a non disclosure agreement  for now to protect intelectual property until the official launch.

Suffice to say, there will be multiple ways to earn online with Onpassive and many people WILL chose to make this their primary business.


What ways can I benefit financially with Onpassive?

How can I benefit financially from Onpassive?

What ways can I earn online wih Onpassive?

How much is it to become an Onpassive Founder?

The cost to become an Onpassive Founder (Gofounder) is a one time payment of $97 during the pre-launch stage.

This gives you early access to the Gofounders backoffice and private webinars with the leadership council and CEO Ash Mufareh.

During the soft launch stage the price will rise to $149 and it will be the last chance EVER to get a founders position.

The soft launch stage is where the marketing campaigns will begin for the founders and all of the systems will be tested by the tech team before everything goes into full lauch mode.


Is there a monthly fee with Onpassive?

Yes, there is. BUT you will only pay it the first month after going into your backoffice and clicking a button to activate your account.

You will then have full access to over 50 proprietary products and services that the Onpassive tech team has developed.

The following months payments will be taken out of profits automatically by the system. Remember, the system will be marketing for you and placing members in your downline on auto. You can also get overflow or spillover members placed under you from members above you. Once you have three members under you, your account will always be in profit.

The most important thing is you will only pay out of pocket once for that first months payment.

The cost is yet to be decided, but CEO Ash Mufareh has told the founders it will be between $100 – $250. Very reasonable for a lifetime of income, right!

Do I need to refer others to earn online with Onpassive?

No, it’s not necessary. Referring others is entirely optional. Some people are good at it, others aren’t. But it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things as you’ll understand.

Onpassive (OP) is a fully automated Information Technology platform driven by AI (artificial intelligence). They will run constant marketing campaigns showcasing the tools and services as well as the benefits of joining Onpassive. The benefits for example could be the monthly cost savings you’ll receive by using OP.

As people join OP or use the services, they will be placed under us in the pay structure. As time goes on, our earning potential will increase.

Some people who can refer others choose to actively refer others as it cuts time frames down. What this means is it will take less time for you to earn more as your downline team will be growing faster.

Remember, at the start for example OP may place 3 members under you from their marketing campaigns. That doesn’t sound like much yet right? How ever, the next month they will place 3 members under each of the those previous members and so on and so on.

Also on top of that you can get spillover (some say overflow) placed under you from the members above too. Anyone that falls below you, you get paid for.

So it’s not necessary to recruit others although it can help to speed up your results a lot faster.


Do I have to refer others in Onpassive?

Do I have to recruit people in Onpassive?

What is Onpassive?

Onpassive is a high tech information technology (IT) and artificial intelligence (AI) driven company. Their primary goal is to make a super simple easy to use Total Online Business Solution. This would be suitable for absolutely anyone to use and earn online income from no matter what their level of online expertise is.

Onpassive currently has 50 proprietary products (both tools and services) developed over the last 2 and a half years that will really shake the online market up. They will have so much to offer, all in one place and for the best pricing on the internet.

Onpassive will be a market disrupter and will make many people sit up and take notice as they realize they opportunities they can have with Onpassive.

For more on this, you can check out the post ‘What is Onpassive (and 5 reasons to get a gofounders position).

When will Onpassive launch?

Currently we are in pre-launch. We are awaiting the new updated GoFounders website for the founder members. This will be newly branded O-Founders and is more secure and a better overall design and functionality.

From there we will soon preview a few more products from the company (one of the things founders do with CEO Ash Mufareh). Then we will be ready for soft launch phase. This is like a testing period or ‘beta’ phase where the techies run things under a load.

The founders get access to use the products and test them and give feedback etc. The soft launch could be from two weeks to twelve weeks in duration depending on many variables.

Ash said he doesn’t have a firm date because there is no way of knowing precisely until we are so close. When he does know, he will give us all a heads up alert. Rest assured, the soft launch period from all signs is imminent (as of mid July).

Everything has been in development for nearly years as it has become such a massive project. This has never been done before. Therefore because of all the effort, planning and cost that has gone into it, it would be a mistake to rush to launch now risking any problems.

It has been a long wait but it is nearly over and things are about to get very interesting. The techies just need a little more time to be sure everything is 100% ship shape.


When is Onpassive Going to launch?

When is Onpassive launching?

Do we need a bitcoin account as a founder?

No, you don’t. There will be multiple options for you to choose for payouts from within your own wallet.

However, you may find this is one good option to get paid this way.

Keep in mind that the Bitcoin you own today could be worth quite a lot more in the future. For example if you look on popular Crypto news sites such a Coin Gecko, you’ll often see articles from top exchanges, Investment houses etc saying they believe BTC could surpass $200,000 before the end of 2021!

*NOTE: This is not any kind of investment advice. Please do your own due diligence to make your own informed decisions.


Do Onpassive founders need to have a Bitcoin wallet?

Do Founders need a Bitcoin account?


What is Gofounders?


Gofounders really are the pioneer members of the Onpassive vision.

Currently for a one time payment of $97 (soon to be $147 during soft launch before going away forever), you can secure one of these positions. As a Gofounder (or founder) you are given a number of advantages.

Gofounders have access to the exclusive founders website and private information.

They have priority positioning in the company pay structure. Everyone’s position is timestamped when they join. As a founding member, your downline will be built earlier and faster.

Early automated marketing campaigns will constantly be run and they specifically build founders teams.

Founders are members of the inner circle and can share brainstorming, feedback, resources etc.


What is a gofounder position?

What is an Onpassive Gofounder?

There is also an ONPASSIVE FAQ’s post that you can check out HERE. It will be constantly updated with more Q and A’s plus videos to help your understand things.

There is limited time left to lock in your founders position for a one time payment of $97. Soon the price will rise to $147 for a short time during soft launch (in 2020) before going away for good!

You don’t want to miss out on this!

The founders position gives you access to virtually every online tool you could possibly need, will save you a truck load of money in those recurring monthly fees over time AND will build serious passive income for you and your family!


Marketing & Income Ecosystem

You have an unprecedented ground floor opportunity to join an innovative company that will most certainly be a market disrupter.

This AI driven company will provide every marketing tool you could possibly need and you will also benefit from a unique compensation plan that has a self funding component to level up.

This can be a 100% hands free home business if you prefer it that way. Sharing with even a few others though is a sure fire way to accelerate growth. 🙂

GOFOUNDERS Early Bird Benefits

Gofounders really are the pioneer members of this project. For a one time only payment of $97 (soon to be $147), they are given a number of advantages.

Access to exclusive founders website.

Priority positioning in the pay structure. Your downline will be built earlier and faster.

Early marketing campaigns that specifically build founders teams.

Member of the inner circle – share brainstorming, feedback, resources etc.

After full launch, Founding positions will never be available again!

More Info On Onpassive

Check out the latest ONPASSIVE videos on our Youtube channel. There is now a wide range of videos covering many aspects of the company. Most are done by OP leadership council members and the Onpassive Nation team (of which I’m a member).

Check back often as I will be adding more of my own content especially around the products.


How To Get Started With ONPASSIVE

Simple Steps To Get Signed Up

Use the Onpassive registration link from whoever referred you to this site. If you don’t have a referrer, you can use the link below. This will take you to a quick and easy form to fill out. Then you will check your email to confirm it. Then you will pay the $97 either by crypto or credit card. Credit card is easier and quicker (recommended) but it has a $5 admin fee. Note: I will have a detailed post on this listed here soon, but it really is a pretty easy process.

Join As An OnPassive GoFounder

NOTE: If you were referred to this site by an existing Onpassive / GoFounder team member, you should ask them for their referral link to join under them.

Join Now

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