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We are ONPASSIVIANS (the name used for all the wise people who have joined the ONPASSIVE movement). Our website is here to share knowledge on the ONPASSIVE company, the products and our projects to lift up humanity.

Massive Marketing Launch Of ONPASSIVE In Dubai

ONPASSIVE has just announced its arrival onto the global stage in a spectacular way. First there was the amzing light show on the face of the Burj Khalifa. Then we learnt that ONPASSIVE has BOUGHT TWO FLOORS, giving us the highest office space in the world. Then we saw ONPASSIVE marketing everywhere in Dubai, literally displaying on hundreds of screens continuously!

ONPASSIVE A.I. Automated Passive Income




Visualize a complete A.I. managed marketing ecosystem with EVERY POSSIBLE MARKETING TOOL you could need, all in one place. Add in a unique and amazing compensation plan plus a system that continuously does all the work on auto. Now you are getting the picture of the potential ONPASSIVE has to build your online business for you!


Complete AI managed marketing ecosystem with every possible tool you could need all in one place.


Auto team building, through guaranteed visitors and signups – all done for you!


Can be used to promote any other business with done for you web traffic solution.


A unique and extremely powerful pay structure that ensures every O-Founder will find success.


A self funding system auto-upgrades you from profit and ensures you only pay once out of pocket.


A genius self funding system ensures you ONLY pay the 1st months subscription to activate your account.


Can be a complete, hands free home based business and passive income (referring is optional).


A global opportunity, available in over 200 countries!

ONPASSIVE Short Overview Presentation

A Global Opportunity


Now Over


How ONPASSIVE Works To Make Money Online

The ONPASSIVE Product Portfolios Offer So Much Value All In One Place


A massive marketing ecosystem with EVERY POSSIBLE  TOOL you could need. No matter if you want to create, host, communicate, edit, manage staff and accounts or advertise, it’s all there.

These Are Just Some Of The ONPASSIVE Tool Portfolios

ONPASSIVE has 50+ Tools or Product Portfolios as they like to call them. Most of them are complete or very near to it. Currently 20 are listed on their website.


Visualize a complete A.I. managed marketing ecosystem with EVERY POSSIBLE MARKETING TOOL you could need, all in one place. Add in a unique and amazing compensation plan plus a system that continuously does all the work on auto. Now you are getting the picture of the potential ONPASSIVE has to build your online business for you!

What kinds of tools does ONPASSIVE have?

You can think of ONPASSIVE as a one stop shop for every kind of the most useful online tools. These are all the latest, proprietary, cutting edge, feature rich tools built from the ground up.

If you need a domain, an autoresponder, video editor, funnel builder, video chat, webinar or VPN service, it’s here. Also an online marketplace, link shortener, email, accounting and HR services, plus so much more. Everything, all in one place, unlimited and for the lowest cost.


What If I Don't Use Any Of The Tools?

If you don’t use any or many of the tools, no problem. ONPASSIVE can still provide every member value that no other companay can. For example, you can still earn online as the company builds a business for you.

Many millions of people already pay considerable amounts every month for critical services they must have. They (potential customers) want these products such as Autoresponders, email services, funnel builders or webinar services. They’ll happily use superior products at a cheaper price point!


Customers Will Flock In Because OF The Benefits

What will happen when people realize ONPASSIVE has all of these superior, unlimited tools in one place? Not only could they save a lot of money, but they could also get paid for using them. Of course they are going to want to check ONPASSIVE out. Think about all the activity on the daily funnels of over 1,260,000 founders and in the search engines. ONPASSIVE will go viral and this will drive even more customers in.


You Can't Compare The Value ONPASSIVE Gives

There is no other company that comes close to giving you the value you’ll find here. All of this value equates to three main direct benefits for you.

  • Convenience – Everything you need to operate successfully online, all in one place. No multiple logins or time wasted with passwords or opening seperate programs.
  • Cost saving – Many people currently face huge monthly bills for these kind of tools that they must have to work online. ONPASSIVE will really shake things up with the cheaper prices.
  • Passive Income – ONPASSIVE can build wealth for you. They use the tools to make a daily funnel webpage for you, send traffic and make sales, all on your behalf. When a sale is made, you get a commision. You are basically ‘rewarded’ for using all of this value! What other company does that?

No Comparison!

Step By Step Overview Of How ONPASSIVE Works To Make Money Online

Limited Time Left To Join As A Founder

Join now as a founder for only $97 USD (plus $5 transaction fee for credit card). The founder position  will provide you with many longterm benefits.

We are in pre-launch now. During soft-launch for example, ONPASSIVE will be running traffic campaigns so founders may have their team grow.

Founder members also get early access to pre-release products and the private corporate webinars with CEO Ash Mufareh.


Access The Founders Backoffice

Once you are in, you have a lot to explore. Make sure your profile details are correct. Have a look through the Leadership council area and check out the upcoming webinars.

Remember, ONPASSIVE is BIG so you will want to learn all you can about how everything fits together.

As a founder you get early access to help test out the pre released tools and services they develop.

* You can choose to use these tools OR NOT. It’s up to you. *

NOW… while you are learning..


ONPASSIVE AI Builds You A Marketing System

Everything in ONPASSIVE is managed and run by their proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

When you have fully set up your account, the system goes to work for you. The AI takes some of the tools and builds you a complete marketing system. For example a domain name, web hosting, a funnel builder, capture page etc. It is all done with best SEO practises applied for optimum results.

All of this is completely automated so you don’t have to lift a finger. Of course, if you want to do some marketing yourself you can. It’s up to you.


Targeted Traffic Campaigns To Your Funnels

ONPASSIVE has a division dedicated to sending high quality targeted traffic. This is of course all managed by the AI to maximize results.

Getting good quality traffic to your sites or offer is imperative for success. It is the lifeblood of any online business yet it is very difficult to master.

ONPASSIVE has mastered this as seen in a test they did a while back. In that particular campaign they were able to get 1 million opt-ins (people who sign up) in four days. But at that time it wasn’t even using the AI!


As Sales Are Made, You Get Commissions

After the hard launch, the Artificial Intelligence will bring in customers for you. These customers who come into ONPASSIVE through the links on your funnels or websites are coded to you for life.

They will have to choose to be either a customer or a reseller of the IT products. A customer can use one or multiple products, whatever they like and pay for. A reseller can access all products for one out of pocket price and can earn passive income too!

You get paid a commission for all people coded to you, coming into your team. That means both customers and resellers.


Automated Team Growth

The ONPASSIVE AI will also build marketing systems for all those resellers coded to you. It will send the traffic, make the sales etc.

This duplication will grow your team faster over time and then of course your passive income. All of this is automated and seamless.

You can do as little or as much as you wish to in regard to building your income. But the key point here is important to grasp.

ONPASSIVE will build a complete automated business for you with passive income. PLUS they are going to give you TIME FREEDOM! Let that sink in. 🙂


Get Started As An O-Founder In Onpassive.

Be A Part Of The Paradigm Shift That Is Onpassive.


NOTE: The information presented here is in no way intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead it is designed to give you an idea of what is possible. Success with ONPASSIVE can depend on the level of work, commitment, leadership, perserverance and many other variables. Even as ONPASSIVE endeavours to automate most aspects of your online business, there are many other factors that can ultimately determine your level of success.