Onpassive Q&A With Michael Williams (Compensation Plan Projections And Possibilities)

The Onpassive compensation plan is covered in this video by Michael Williams as he shares some of his projections. These are possibilities of what could happen for Founder members with different numbers of people on their teams. He loves talking numbers so he covers a few compensation plan scenarios while always keeping things in a very conservative view.


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This short video was a short part of a recent webinar and question and answer session held by the South African team.

Marina Favit asks well known Onpassive leadership council member and ‘famous numbers man’ Michael Williams to share his knowledge on the frequently asked question of what many people what to know. ‘What can we expect from having a founders position?’

Onpassive will be a self funding system that auto-upgrades you from the company profit. Everyone will come in and will only pay once initially out of pocket. This fee (between $100-$250, has yet to be decided) will be used to get the marketing started and the A.I. system automatically building everything for us.

For such little outlay at the beginning for an entire business set up and working for us, it is very interesting to hear Michael run through what is possible for us all.

It is quite astounding to realize where we could be in one, two or even five years time and how this is all perfectly achievable.

I like hearing Michael speak for a couple of reasons like how he always like to talk conservatively and without hyping things up. He also likes to give examples that clearly paint a picture in your mind of the potential here. It gives you great clarity in knowing you are in the right place.

Getting involved with Onpassive can be a complete, hands free home based business and passive income. Some people come in and have zero people on their team waiting for launch. Others decide to get busy and share. It’s up to you whether you want to share with others or not and everyone is ‘in it to win it’ anyway.  Michael covers both of these scenarios in the video.

**NOTE: The information presented here is in no way intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead it is designed to give you an idea of what is possible. Success with Onpassive requires hard work, commitment, leadership and perserverance. Earning in any online endeavor can vary depending on each individual’s effort and also many other variables. **

Onpassive Q&A With Michael Williams (Compensation Plan Projections And Possibilities)

Pay close attention to how Michael talks about the marketing working for us all to build our teams. The power here comes from the ‘levels’ of people placed in our downlines. When you get an idea of exactly how powerful Onpassive is at doing all of this, it is OK to be a little excited. 🙂

Onpassive is an Information technology company where everything is driven by artificial intelligence (AI). This greatly enhances the user experience as the automation provided by the system does all the heavy lifting in every aspect of this business.

One of the largest benefits will be in the auto marketing campaigns. This can be extemely difficult and time consuming for most people working online trying to do it themselves. Marketing is usually one of the biggest stumbling blocks that keep so many from finding success online. Onpassive has this solved and it will be a case of ‘done-for-you’ for everyone who joins Onpassive.

Marketing campaigns will begin for Founder members during soft launch to help them prebuild their teams and to test everything out fully. Then it will kick into top gear for everyone on full launch on an unprecedented level.

All of the power of this marketing will be showcasing all of the tools and services (portfolios of Onpassive) to the world. This will continually drive in new customers and Independant resellers to join with us. As they do, they are placed under us and we are paid a commission.

This is the beauty of the system in being automated. We pay initially to get things rolling and then Onpassive continually does all the work (teambuilding and commission building) for us!


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NOTE: The information presented here is in no way intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead it is designed to give you an idea of what is possible. Success with Onpassive requires hard work, commitment, leadership and perserverance. Earning in any online endeavour can vary depending on each individual’s effort and also many other factors.

Onpassive Q&A With Michael Williams (Compensation Plan Projections And Possibilities)

Obviously, you have done a few numbers and what have you you’ve said before you know explained in the first year, starting with zero, but going forward. What can a founder expect to be earning um in the first one to three years? Is it going to sort of take off and then slow down, or is it gradually gonna? You know everyone’s, sort of wondering.

How does that work because we don’t really know numbers there’s? A lot of people that don’t understand how the numbers work and just to get an idea, because there’s, a lot of guests here as well. That would like to know what can they expect to earn and you can work on a t, someone with the team or someone with no team.

It’s up to you just to give us an indication of what we can look forward to sure. Um, well, we we know what the compensation plan is. As far as you know, the four lines right, so the first line, u plus three and that word free.

I i don’t really like that word free yeah, but you at u plus three and you break even okay, because when you say free for some reason, people think well. Well, if i have three right now, when we get to launch, i don’t need to pay anything and that’s, not correct right.

Every single person, whether you have a hundred thousand on your team, whether you have zero on your team, whether you have five on your team, it doesn’t matter. Every single one of us as founders, will have to pay that entry product package at launch period.

Okay, we paid one time one time, only okay out of our pocket. Okay, so it’s, important to understand that. So, u plus three, you break, even simply because the income that’s been generated, equals what that monthly subscription is okay, so that’s, the that’s.

The first thing second thing: the comp plan says: is that if you repeat that five times right then now you’re earning six figure; okay, so six figure year, like six figures, a hundred thousand dollars a year.

So if you do the math divided by twelve, it’s, approximately eight thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars per month. Okay, so i look at that – and i said okay, so that means, if i start at launch – and i have zero team – okay – so have no one, because if you can understand this part of it, then the rest should be much easier to understand.

Okay, because this is worst case scenario – worst case scenario – is you you are at launch and there’s, zero on your team? Okay, so you get to launch! You have no one, no spillover, overflow, nothing! Okay! So there you are.

What happens? You pay your product package. The company now goes to work for you. The company takes those products and tools and they create a domain name website content. All of that driving traffic right, presenting the offer following up closing the sale, a sale is made.

You get paid instantly all right. This now continues over and over again, which will add up to thousands of dollars up to millions of dollars, but for now let’s. Talk about the hundred thousand dollar! Okay! How do we get there? Okay? So if we assume and ash did a webinar back in, i believe was may of this year where he spoke about, you know, customers and the potential.

What could happen and the number that was thrown out at that time? We had about a hundred thousand or close to a hundred thousand founders, and so it was said if we started there by the end of the year, we’re.

Looking at about a hundred thousand custom – sorry 100 million customers – okay, and how did he get there? He started out by saying: let’s, assume we’re taking 60 days. He said 30 to 60, but i’m, going to use 60 days, make it even worse.

Okay, if you take 60 days for the company to get you three customers, okay and then the company now gets three customers for those three, so they keep on going down by three. So three nine 27, like that, if you’re going every 60 days, it simply means you have what we call six cycles right: 60 days, that’s two months right.

So there’s, six periods or six cycles over a 12-month period over a year. Okay. So when we look at that, we come right back to the – u plus three repeat that five times that’s, a total of six cycles and that’s where the hundred thousand come in meaning in that last month.

In that let’s say we started at january, one so by december, right in the month of december, that person would generate eight thousand dollars in that particular month. So going forward, you can say 8 000 a month, which is basically your 100 000.

A year there’s, your six figure. This is someone with zero at launch. Now things don’t, you know it’s, not perfect right. This is not a guarantee. This is not saying. This is exactly what’s going to happen.

It’s. A simple projection right! Think about this, though 60 days to get three, some folks have done it in one day. Some folks have done it in one hour they just joined and within the first hour they went and got three themselves.

Okay, so i believe 60 days is very, very realistic. I think it’s, conservative right, but i also bring it dial it back. A little bit by say, you know what let’s just say it’s: 6 000 over the course of that 12 months.

So, if you started in this business, you became a founder for 97. You purchased your product package for between 100 and 250. So let’s just say: 150, okay, just to give it a number right and that’s. All you did and the company went to work for you building a business for you.

Creating a network for you that is made up of a whole bunch of customers, that’s, buying products and you’re generating income from that and all you got was six thousand dollars for the entire year. Would you be mad at that? I asked the gentleman uh yesterday uh from india, and so he was asking a similar question, so i said to him: well, you know what do you want to earn? You know what his answer was: 6 500 u.

s dollar for the entire year. If he got that he is a king. Now that was his answer right. When i check and see what the average income is in india, it’s between 60. You know, depending on the site that you you get, but it’s between 1600 and 2000 for the year that’s, the average income people make in india right.

So this gentleman says hey if i get 6 500 u.s. I am good. The reality is that it’s, a possibility and a very realistic possibility in his first year, even if he did nothing now. Does that mean that he’ll, do nothing? No right! We’re.

Looking for visionaries, we’re looking for people that understand that okay. So if i do nothing, this is what it is. So imagine if i actually do something and why wouldn’t. I, if i have something this good, why wouldn’t? I want to share it, and so people are sharing it understanding that they’re already successful, because everyone’s going to win, but there’s, different levels of success, okay and so to to to get back to you, Marina, so yeah, so if we stay first year at 6 000, we can clearly see you know just from my little example how it’s possible to get there, because we’re talking just the last month alone.

We’re, not adding up the income along the way we’re, just saying just that. Last month of the year, we’re talking about eight thousand dollars, so you can see if i say, six thousand dollars for the entire year.

Okay, that’s very conservative okay. Now what about going forward right? The next line, the third line in the compensation plan, says, if you repeat this five more times: okay, so that’s, the pattern? U plus three! You repeat that five more times, and now you’re talking about seven figure: income.

Okay, seven figures means a million dollars right now i’m, going to say a million per year. I’m, not even gonna say a million a month. I’m gonna say a million per year because again i don’t think anyone in the company right if they were making a million dollars a year, would be mad at that.

Okay, so obviously the growth is not gonna. Be constant, okay, i believe. Initially you’re gonna have a massive spike right and, and so you’re gonna get, you know really good growth, but it will slow down okay, um, and so, if we use conservative projection to me over the course of Five years, it’s very realistic for someone to have made a total of two million dollars in this company over the period of five years and that’s.

Someone who’s done absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing! That’s really incredible! You know that’s. Really incredible! Thank you. You know you just the way you explained it now. Just you know, took everything and put it in a different perspective, but different shot, a different light onto it.

So someone who has been working it you know um. I always say i’m, not the biggest builder and i don’t. Do any network. I mean i don’t, do any marketing or advertising. I just share on social media and i’ve spoken to friends and family and what have you but um, somebody who has come in and they’ve at least got 10 or 30 or 50 people in the whole team, or maybe A hundred those people are sitting very pretty correct.

They are sitting in a very good position before we go to launch and they will be absolutely you can have for, for example, let’s just use a number of a thousand, because you know there’s. Lots of people who have a thousand on their team, someone who has a thousand on team right now we’re talking about right now and yeah.

You know let’s disregard what’s. Gon na happen during soft launch, but they have a thousand right now they get to launch, they have a thousand okay or even they get to launch, and they have a thousand okay on their team.

That individual could potentially see eight thousand dollars a month start in month, one when the company launches okay. There are people in this company already that’s, set to be making at least a million dollars in their first year that that’s already done when you sense.

What sort of figures are you talking about? How many people do they need in their team to make a million dollars a month now? Well again, i i don’t. I don’t like using a million a month, so i i prefer oh yeah.

I prefer a million a year right, millionaire, sorry, okay, okay, millionaires, all right and so again, because i like the numbers to be conservative, like you know, when we when we spoke about the old plan, and so we saw you know yeah, you could make two million Per month, and so on, i’ve, always used two million per year because it’s.

More conservative right, i like to be conservative. If you’re, making two million a month, all the power to you, that’s, fantastic right um, but if someone is making two million a year, that person is more than unhappy uh.

You know where that word that is concerned. Okay, so um, if we, if we roll back and and just look at what i just said about the um, the the six-figure income right. So we’re talking about six cycles, that’s, six figures: okay, someone does six cycles.

That’s; six figures; okay, to put it in plain english and and using terms that people are familiar with, although we’re not going with these uh terminology uh, but six levels: okay off, so a three by six, if you, if You want to call it that okay um so roughly a thousand it’s, a thousand and ninety two to be exact.

If someone actually had that a thousand and ninety two, then that’s, what they’re. Looking at okay now to get to the higher level um, then you’re. Then you now we’re talking about someone who has in excess of uh 88 000 people, okay.

But but let me let me rephrase that, let me not say people, let me say: 88 000 accounts on their team. You see this is something that people don’t understand. You know i had a person kind of raise the question about well, you know if we’re doing this 60 day a thing – and you know you’re gonna have 28 billion people and that’s way more People that’s, that’s, that than that’s in the world and it’s.

It’s impossible. It’s, not going to work. It’s, not sustainable blah blah blah. Okay. But let me let me say this to you: let’s. Suppose each person have 100 accounts. Now people may think that’s far-fetched, it isn’t.

If you understand the plan, if you understand the bonus, the triple re-entry and all of that, when you understand the full plan, you see it is possible not that someone started with a hundred okay, but over time they’re gonna have multiple accounts Right, we already know that some people have a hundred accounts today.

Some people have 200 accounts. Some have 50 some of 10. okay, but i’m talking about what the company will do within the compensation plan for sustainability. Okay and one of those things is that re-entry position, okay, triple re-entry, so not one but triple okay, and so it is possible that over time everyone has 100 accounts.

So let’s. Freeze it there. That means we could have 100 billion with a b bob. Just in case, you think i’m, saying million b, as in bob billion, we could have 100 billion accounts in this system, okay, and that only equates to one billion again b, as in bob one billion people.

Okay. Now we know that there’s over 4.5 billion again with a b right of people on the internet. If we just got one billion of them and we don’t need a billion by the way, but i’m. Just saying if we had one billion of them, okay, we’re good.

We’re golden. We don’t need to get every single person in the world for this thing to work. In addition to that, there are other plans: okay, there are other plans to have ways for people to generate income.

I spoke about different phases of the company, okay, and so one of those phase is to have um uh products or services that people are simply just paying for okay and if you have a whole bunch of customers less again, i’m just throwing This out there, okay, so i’m, not saying this is what it is.

I’m just giving examples. Okay, so so it can drive the point home. If internet service we pay for internet right um, i pay. What do i pay? I think 90 a month something like that for for internet service.

Okay, now imagine if on passive because they have the money, so they can do their own thing and then they offer internet service to people. For i don’t know half that price right. I would switch immediately and i’m sure lots of people would switch from their current provider to to that, and this is something that you pay every single month.

So it’s, not changing your habit. You continue to pay this month after month after month, i’m, paying this 90 every single month for how many years right, and so that could happen in all passives, where it doesn’t require any recruiting now.

Does it you don’t need to refer anybody, they don’t need additional people to come in. Everyone in the system is just simply using the service that they use already, except it’s now within the on passive umbrella and that’s.

Another way that this thing is sustainable and i’m, not going to give you other examples, just that’s, just a quick one. Okay, there’s. There’s, so much to this business that most people don’t understand.

All i can tell you is that this company on passive will create more millionaires than any other business period, and not everyone is looking to be a millionaire. I get that so we’re good for people who want to make an extra 500 a month an extra thousand a month, and so that is already a done deal.

We don’t need to concern ourselves. Is it possible to make 500 a month we don’t need to concern ourselves with that. If that’s, all this business offered, i would not be in – and i’m sure trials will not be in if all they could make is 500 a month.

Charles would not be joining this business. Okay. I certainly wouldn’t have joined okay, so we have to cater to people who are looking for that 500 a month and we have to cater to people who are looking for 500 000 per month.

We have to cater to those individuals and this business has it all well, michael that really got me excited