Onpassive Splash Pages that are available for team members.

This page features landing/splash or capture pages that I make available for my team members to use. Please be aware that as things change with Onpassive (as it grows, releases different products or marketing etc), we will have to adapt to those changes too. So this just means that these will be made available but can be subject to change.


If you are a member of my team, you can request one of these pages to be made for you. You will need to supply me with the following information to embed and personalize your page for you. I will need your full name (in case I don’t know it), your email and your registration link for Onpassive.

You can find this link by logging into your OP backoffice, going to links from the menu, and scrolling down to the bottom of the page and it’s there.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that making these Onpassive splash pages can take a day or two, perhaps even longer if we are busy with things. But we do try and do things as soon as possible to keep everyone smiling!

This landing page, ‘Discover Automated Online Success’ is a dynamic page featuring three videos from our team Youtube channel. Two of them are more introductory, giving a good focussed short overview of how Onpassive can benefit people. The third is a longer in depth version for those who wanted more info.

CLICK THE IMAGE to view the page in another tab.

Requirements: I will need your full name and a smallish picture of yourself to personalize it. I also need your Onpassive registration link.



If you have come across any promotional splash/landing pages you think really standout and would be good for us to have, let me know where they are. I will take a look and see if we can replicate something similar for the team.

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