The Tools Of ONPASSIVE (50 Proprietary Products And Services)

In the video below, you will learn the importance and sheer value that all of the 50+ tools and services created by Onpassive have. It can’t be stressed enough how valuable this will be to have access to everything in one place like this.


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Onpassive (OP) is an information technology (IT) company that is driven by advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Central to OP is the complete marketing eco-system that has been developed from the ground up by the high tech team in India.

This total marketing eco-system is comprised of around 50 of the most commonly used and needed products and services online. So many online entrepreneurs, including both experienced or novices, often have to pay an ongoing small fortune for many of these on a regular basis.

This is where OP will step in and really shake things up in ths market. By that I mean Onpassive really is going to be a complete market disrupter. Think like what Uber did to the taxi undustry, what Amazon did to online sales or even what Netflix did to the video industry.

Many of these products are more feature rich, are more intuitive and functional for ease of use and have everything accessible from one place. These features alone will have the masses excited to try them out.

On top of that though will be the fact that they will be so much cheaper for customers to use by far.

Onpassive Information Technology Driven By A.I.

One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t find any ‘really specific’ information on any of the individual products or services right now.

This is because all of the founder members who have joined Onpassive through the Gofounders network (over 372,000 members so far) have had to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) to protect the intellectual property rights of Onpassives cutting edge technology.

OP doesn’t want to tip their hand to their competitors on what is coming very soon.

Of course all will be revealed very soon when we are officially launched.

The founders meanwhile get to see more and more details nearly daily of how this whole eco-system has come together. They are licking their lips at the prospect of having all of these tools and services together in one place and only paying once to access all of them!

Not only will they save heaps on the monthly costs of their predecessors, they will get all of the tools for free AND they will be earning  passive income as the company builds their downlines for them.

So many companies, professionals and individuals will just come into Onpassive and sign up as customers. They will use the tools and pay the monthly fee, happy that they cost A LOT less than the competitors with so many other benefits too.

Many people will join OP as Independant Resellers of the IT products. They will get access to all tools and can earn passive income too.

Customers or Independant Resellers of the IT products.. it doesn’t matter. All of us who have joined Onpassive early and are locked into the company pay structure will have both of them placed under us increasing our bottom lines!

Now you understand why the products are so important!


The Tools Of ONPASSIVE (50 Proprietary Products And Services)

Mike Ellis does an excellent job in covering the importance of the 50 proprietary tools and services that the Onpassive development team in India have produced for us so far. These are all built from the ground up, are cutting edge and will have many more features and functions than anything else in their respective niches. On top of that, they will lower the costs by far for the businesses that use them and even pay us to use them over time.

Examples Of ONPASSIVE Proprietary Products And Services

Onpassive has for the first time ever put together an extensive Total Internet Solution (TIS). At the heart of this ecosystem are all of these wonderful tools and services that provide so much value for people wanting to work and/or earn online.

Integral to this eco-system are the Founders. They are the ones who have been spreading the word and growing the excitement and curiosity of what is about to come. The company will reward those early adopters by placing ALL new joining members, customers or Independant Resellers under them in the company pay structure. They will benefit from early and extensive marketing campaigns.

 Onpassive specializes in driving large amounts of targeted traffic, and when they launch, these massive marketing campaigns will kick off. And they will never stop!

The advertising will focus on showing people clearly what ultimate value, cost and time savings, convenience and passive income they can provide by joining with them.

It will be a no-brainer as everything they could possibly need to start, maintain, and build their businesses all at one price under one roof.

Here are some examples of Onpassive Tools and Services

Advertising: Will drive in businesses and attract massive customers.
Artificial Intelligence (AI): the main driver of Onpassive’s automation
Calendar Scheduler: An integrated event scheduler tool.
Chat: A powerful quick communication platform.
Contact Management System: For both bulk email and advertising needs.
Crowd Funding Platform: Create personal crowd-funding projects.
Daily Funnels: New fresh daily funnels boost traffic to your site(s).
Digital Marketing: Digital advertising platform using AIfor best results.
Domain Names: Name your own personalized site.
Email Marketing Campaigns: Simplified branded marketing.
Flexible Wallet System: Digital wallets to manage all crypto, fiat, bank cards.
Give Back Fund: A voluntary fund for making charitable donations.
GoFounders Site: Foundation community of ONPASSIVE pioneers.
Guaranteed Targeted Traffic: Website visitors targeted by interest or niche.
IP Tracker Tool: Provides a hostname, location, and specified IP address Info.

Live Events: Webinars or Video hosting, hosted in real-time.
Market Place: A central place to purchase IT products and services.
Mass Bulk Mailer: Send email to large groups ethically.
Mass Marketing Campaigns: Bulk campaigns to target an entire market.
Merchants & Cards: Bank accounts plus cards that can accept payments.
Millionaires Club: Exclusive club for OP millionaire members.
Multi-Businesses: Host multiple businesses under a single umbrella.
Office Abroad 1000: Global Leaders based on achieving certain criteria.
Onpassive Webinar Service: OP’s proprietary webinar platform.
Payment Transfers: Transfer OP funding internally and externally.
Print Shop Tools: This is for creating marketing materials.
Private Inbox: A personalized in-box that is branded to the customer.

Residual Income for Life: ** Lifelong Passive Income for active accounts. **
Screen Captures: The ability to capture instant screen images.
SEO Done For You: Search Engine Optimization for your websites.
SMS And MMS: Plain text as well as text-with-media texting ability.
Support for All: Tech support available for all buyers and re-sellers.
TrimURL: OP’s proprietary link shortening tool.
Triple Entry Bonus: A super bonus built into the compensation plan for all.
Video Chat: Simple face-to-face internet conversation via webcams.
Video Conference: Unlimited participants in different areas can mass communicate.
Video Mail: Nifty email message with a video clip attached.
Video Marketer: A marketing tool that integrates video into targeted campaigns.
Viral Sharing Tool: Marketing to mass spread person-to-person via social media.
VPN tool: Extend your privacy across a public network for security.
Website Builder Suite: Tools that allow easy drag & drop website building.



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NOTE: The information presented here is in no way intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead it is designed to give you an idea of what is possible. Success with Onpassive requires hard work, commitment, leadership and perserverance. Earning in any online endeavour can vary depending on each individual’s effort and also many other factors.

The Tools Of ONPASSIVE (50 Proprietary Products And Services)

Today i’m, going to talk about the products of Onpassive and everybody wants to see the products of Onpassive. I’m Mike Ellis by the way.

Ash Mufareh today is reviewing two or three products a week and each time he reviews these products number one, he’s, just amazed at the quality of the work. His team in india is 600 technicians. He is very, very excited about the products, but he will come on every thursday and normally he’ll introduce us to one or two products. He’ll, explain the products. He’ll show the products to us and, as founding members, we have that opportunity to see these products.

For most people it is an epiphany as we see these products. We’re just on top of the world, because we see not only the quality of these products. They’re, the best of the best cutting edge technology. But we see what they’re going to do for us and i’m going to explain that in just a little bit.

So if you’re, an individual that is not in on passive and you want to see the products of unpassive you can’t, i’m, not going to show them to you and it really is intuitive. Why would we put these products out there to show to the world before we’re ready and give our competition any time at all to adjust and compete with us? Now they’re, not going to be able to compete with us, but we don’t want to give them any edge whatsoever.

If you want to see the products of unpassive pay, the ninety seven dollars become a founding member and then come to the thursday webinars, and you will see and hear what the products are. You will see them.

Believe me, you will not be disappointed most of you. If you do that, you’re gonna you’re gonna, say to yourself why didn’t! I do this three months ago or six months ago or a year ago. This is awesome because it’s, going to change my financial bottom line.

So let’s. Talk about the products a little bit today. There are about 50 products of on passive. Although i’m not going to go over them individually, i want to talk about let’s, say 30 products and that’s, just a random number and of those 30 products.

Let’s pick just one of them: okay, just one of them. Now each one of these products could be a standalone business on their own and if they launched to the world as a standalone business, i believe each one of them would become a unicorn company in a year’s time.

That’s. A big deal, but let’s, just take one of them. Let’s. Take the webinar service of uh uh of unpassive. It is absolutely awesome. It is. Superior ash has showed this to us this one product, the webinar service.

He could launch to the world, it could be standalone business. We would do extremely well with it and in a year’s time, it would be a unicorn company. Why do i mention that? If you look at the world of industry, the world of business and how long it takes say, a tech industry to become a unicorn company, i only know of one that’s done in five years.

Most of them have taken five 10. 15. 20. 30 years, sometimes 80 years to become a unicorn company unpassive with this one product, the webinar service, i believe, would be a unicorn company in one year that’s, one product, okay, each one of these 30 products that i’ve that I’ve taken out, i believe, could be a standalone unicorn company.

Now we put them under one umbrella on passive, and why am i telling you this? I’m telling you this to show you the sheer volume that onpassive is going to be doing for us. Okay, so you take 30 of these.

All of them could be a unicorn company on their own. You put them under one umbrella on passive and you launch it to the world. What do you think that’s, going to do for us? The amount of volume that’s going to be coming in is going to be unprecedented.

Just like becoming a unicorn company because of these these 30 products within on passive, just like becoming a unicorn company day, one has never been done. It is unprecedented. It will empower you when you understand what onpassive is doing and it will empower you, as you explain it to people.

This is such a big deal and that’s. Why, as people listen to ash on thursday, it really is a new epiphany. Every single thursday, because he’s, introducing a new, a new tool now just about every thursday, and when we look at it, we we’re.

Just in awe, i mean it’s, just quiet. We know what’s going to be happening and when you look at the products of unpassive those 30 products launching this year 2020, that’s. When the launch is scheduled and what’s going to happen year, one.

It truly is amazing what it’s, going to do for you and bottom line. That really is what is what’s important? What is it going to do for you? What is it going to do for me? It is going to change lives when you have this kind of volume with the company of on passive and it’s, funny ash mufara.

He could have built on passive. He could have done it by himself. He could have become one of the richest men if in the world, if not the richest man in the world, it’s, just not in his dna. He has a heart to serve.

He has a heart to share and on passive was built for you and i we get to participate in everything on passive and the amount of volume that on passive is going to be doing. We get to share in the wealth and the wealth is going to be massive.

Everybody that comes into on passive and is a founding member, i believe, is going to be wildly successful because of the products of unpassive on passive aiit company, artificial intelligence, informational technology company.

Those are the tools of unpassive. Those are those 30 tools i talked about that will just that, will just rock the world as they launch to the world. So as we look at the tools of unpassive and what they’re going to be doing for the founding members come on in, if you want to see the tools become a founding member come to the thursday webinar, as ash explains, the tools shows The tools it will blow you away if you’re, not willing to do that.

You will not see the tools until we launch to the world, and i can tell you there will be two kinds of people as on passive launches to the world. Okay, there will be those individuals that come in and participate with onpassive and make money with unpassive that’s.

What ash wanted to do? He wanted you to make money. There will be the other type of person that comes in and just uses the products, which is perfectly fine. We get paid either or whether, whether you’re, a founding member, whether you’re, a customer, it doesn’t matter to us, we get paid.

You will be one of those two types of people on passive our market. Today is 4.6 billion people. There is something in on passive for everybody and as they come in and ash is ingenious at how he puts this in front of people, but people will come in, they’ll, either come in and participate or they’ll come in And be customers, they’re, going to do one or the other, and as they do, that those individuals you and i that participate with onpassive.

Our bottom line is going to change in major ways. We will find that liberty and freedom and that financial freedom that we’re all looking for this is how powerful on passive is. This is how power for the products of on passive art today, so we’re, getting very, very close to the launch um.

If you have to see the products before you come into a passive fine wait for the launch, because you’re, not going to see them before then. If you want to come in and just see how dynamic these products are pay the 97 for most people, it’s, just not that much money when you come in and you listen to ash mufara describe these products and show you these products again.

You will be blown away. Your life is going to change. It really is so the products of unpassive they extraor. They are extraordinary as ash comes in and and shows us these products uh yeah. It is so empowering to know what’s going to be happening in my life in a month’s time.

It really is empowering and when i show it to people, they’re, just in so come on in pay. The 97 come on in thursday webinar you are going to see the products they’re, going to blow you away. If you haven’t subscribed to the youtube channel.

Yet i always recommend you do that click, the bell on the right and you’ll, get updates. As i do more videos. The window to the launch of unpassive is closing very very quickly. That train has left the station.

It is picking up steam. We’ve heard that from ash himself he’s told us that things are just going. I mean they’re, just going stellar. Things are happening every day and they’re happening in a very, very good way, so the train has left the station.

If you want to hear more about it, i always recommend again subscribe subscribe to this youtube. Channel click. The bell you’ll, get updates and from there yeah just come on in pay the 97 believe me, you will not be disappointed, become a founding member lock.

Your position in on passive. More importantly, lock your position in the pay structure. There are so many benefits to that. You can’t believe it, but from there yeah everything is is is just absolutely stellar with on passive the products.

Are they’re, just outperforming anything i ever thought about, and from there come on in you’re, you’re, absolutely gonna love it and from there yeah we’ll. Just absolutely see you on the inside take care and uh have a great week.